Soothing Colicky Babies with Gentle Massages

baby-colic-crying Gentle massages for colicky babies

As any new parent will tell you, one of the biggest challenges of raising a newborn is trying to prevent crying by addressing the baby’s needs. A baby will cry for any number of reasons including hunger, fatigue, illness, and fear, but sometimes it can seem as if the child is crying for no reason at all. Over time, you will learn many of the causes of your baby’s tears; however, sometimes you may feel like you have no choice but to completely guess at your child’s needs.

The added stress of your newborn’s cries can have a damaging effect on your physical and emotional well-being, not to mention your relationships with your spouse, friends, and family. It is common to experience feelings of exhaustion, frustration, anger, and guilt in the early stages of your child’s life as you deal with questions and situations that you have never faced before.

With so many random situations that could lead to your child’s cries, it is important to do everything in your power to keep preventable circumstances from irritating the baby. These preventable circumstances include certain illnesses, environmental issues, and above all, rashes. Most of these situations can be easily prevented by doing your research (read up on how to prevent common illnesses like gas, constipation, and colic) or quick trial and error (it shouldn’t take long to figure out what room temperature your baby likes to sleep in).

baby-colic-crying Gentle massages for colicky babies

Massage Prep:
It is critical to recognize some primary techniques. for instance, a mild clockwise rub down motion facilitates the release of gas from the child‘s digestive tract – always massage in a clockwise path, as anti-clockwise could bring about increased soreness.

warm your hands before beginning to rub down your baby.

attempt any of the following strokes below:

Apply a mild but firm pressure with one hand on your child’s abdomen.
alternate stroking down on the stomach with both hands.
Bend your child’s knees lightly up in the direction of their tummy.
Rotate their knees lightly clockwise around over their tummy.
Lie them over your thighs on their tummy. Roll them lightly to and fro.

Colic rub down:
As your infant is laying down on his back, place your hand lightly and firmly on his tummy – he’ll find it certainly quite soothing.  Alternatively, you can roll up a warm, wet flannel and just press it gently over your baby’s tummy. Again, that’s quite reassuring and relaxing for a baby with a hard, sore colicky tummy. Another nice thing you can do for your baby is to massage his abdomen in the direction in which his digestive tract flows, which is basically just a simple clockwise movement. Start from his right hip, move up and along and round and round, slowly and gently, always clockwise as you’re looking down on your baby. That will really help a baby who’s feeling bloated and in pain, and help to move any gas that’s trapped in his belly.

as an alternative, gently stroke your baby’s tummy, beginning from underneath his ribs to the top of his hips, first along with your proper hand after which with your left.

Bending his knees:
Gently hold your baby’s ankles, and bring his knees right into his abdomen. After holding them there for a few seconds you can start to rotate your baby’s knees, round in a clockwise manner, round over the abdomen, and that can really help to ease them if their tummy’s hurting. If they’ve got wind you might get even hear it coming out in this position!

Lying over your thighs on their tummy:
A different position you can put your baby in is by using gravity to help ease your baby’s tummy and colic, and that’s when you just sit down on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you and lay your baby over your thighs. Just the pressure of your thighs against your baby’s abdomen may ease their sore tummy. Gently with your hand on their back, just gently roll them side to side with a gentle movement.

baby-colic-crying Gentle massages for colicky babies

If your baby’s colic got you down and you need a bit of undisturbed rest, then try giving some of these techniques listed above a try!

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