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Whether you’re a first time Parent or a seasoned Veteran, My Asian Nanny Inc is dedicated to helping you find the perfect Nanny for your household. We understand that every family is unique, and that’s why we take great pride to carefully listen to and understand your situation.

We match qualified Asian nannies with families to guarantee the best quality in-home childcare available.

Our Asian nannies are hand selected to meet your needs. Because we are a small independent Chinese nanny agency, we can be personally involved.

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Efficient and thorough Asian House Keepers. Available for part time or full time work

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Caregivers & Elderly Care

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Newborn Care Specialists

Our experienced Sit Month Nannies / zuo yue zi will take exceptional care of your newborn and provide traditional Chinese meals to help you recover

Finding Asian Nannies in LA, SGV, and OC

At our agency, we make it our top priority to screen and refer only the best and most qualified candidates who are able to provide exceptional childcare . Our domestic care aids are in the business of making sure your household runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We keep an extensive and diverse roster of nannies who specialize in the care of children from all age groups, including the care of newborns during the traditional Chinese observed “sit-month” periods of rest.

Our caretakers are frequently conversant in more than one language, giving your children a headstart in being exposed to the Chinese language by a fluent Mandarin speaking nanny. Most of our available nannies are originally from China, Taiwan or Indonesia and may be able to speak English, in addition to their native languages. Our agency works under the philosophy that the ideal nanny serves as a guide to your child’s development and is able to provide the highest level of care that enriches his or her crucial early years.

My Asian Nanny stands out from the rest because we too are parents. We understand that your child’s early experiences can shape his or her entire future outlook on life, and by selecting the ideal nanny is not a task that we take lightly. Each of our referred nannies is required to go through a unique and strict screening process to ensure that she can be properly matched with your families specific needs. This process will allow us to properly identify the best candidates based on experience, skill sets, the ability to build rapport with your child.

Finding the right Asian caregiver for your unique household situation can be a challenge. Not too long ago, if you were in the market looking for Mandarin speaking Chinese nannies, you would be hard pressed to find one that was already vetted and pre-screened. The search process would involve calling and visiting these Chinese referral agencies with the majority of them pressuring you to just pick any nanny that was sitting in the office that day, waiting for a client such as yourself to hire them. At My Asian Nanny, we believe that to entrust the care of your loved ones should not be left up to chance. That all facets of childcare should be identified, discussed, and agreed upon prior to any real offerings of employment.

Let our experienced consultants do the work for you, so you don’t have to. Bringing with them years of experience, they provide the human touch necessary to further screen them at a human level. Interviews will be conducted both over the phone and in person. With our thorough and selective hiring process, we’re able to pick the most loving and caring live out and live in nanny in Los Angeles for your family.

The process of hiring a nanny in through us is a simple one. For more information about how we pre-screen and refer qualified candidates to you, please read about our nanny hiring process.

House Keeping Services for Families in s. Cal

Rather than hiring un-vetted cleaning service in Los Angeles, you can find dedicated, competent and professional housekeeping services through our agency. We refer full-time live-in housekeepers, part-time housekeepers and temporary cleaning help for when you’re having a special household event or just need some extra help around the house. To get started, you can either give us a call to discuss your needs over the phone or start the search process online by filling out our client profile application form. Please let us know which type of cleaning help you need, your regular household chores that need to be completed and how long you expect to need housekeeping help for.

During the initial family application process, we find out about your family’s specific needs and provide insight on what your options are as well the pro’s and con’s of each decision. We can offer you in-depth consultations over the phone or in-person in here at our office in Monterey Park, at the corner of Garvey and Garfield avenue.

Whichever you choose depends on which option is the most convenient for you. We work to put together a complete profile of your unique preferences, daily routines, expectations and any other special requests. Along with this initial consultation about your new nanny or housekeeper, we’ll provide you with a resource packet that includes all the important details, including best practices and guidelines to ensure a long lasting and beneficial relationship for years to come.

After you’ve interviewed and selected your ideal nanny or housekeeper, we’ll walk you through the process of how to best extend an offer of employment. We’ll also offer tips and advice on how to best get your new household member up to speed on your daily routines, preferences, and requirements. Our consultants can additionally help get you familiar with the processes of creating a mutually beneficial work contract, issuing payroll checks and handling tax information for the new hire.

Here are some of the areas we provide our services:



A city bordered in the northwest by South Pasadena, on the east by San Gabriel, on the north by San Marino, and in the west by Monterey Hills and El Sereno, both of which are districts of Los Angeles. Alhambra City has since blossomed into something beautiful. Rooted in the San Gabriel Mission in 1771, the city has since catered to booming business such as car dealerships.

According to the 2010 United States Census, Alhambra City has a population of 83,089 against a total area of 7.6 square miles (20 km2), over 99% of which is land. And since car dealerships are the largest contributors to the city’s local economy, a number of car brands are found in the city. Among these are Kia, Toyota, Jeep, Chrysler, BMW, Acura, Nissan, Volkswagen, and Ford, most of which are located on Main Street near Atlantic Boulevard.

Of course, every tourist visiting the city wouldn’t want to miss out on the annual San Gabriel Valley Lunar New Year, which is hosted by Valley Boulevard. This parade festival is highly significant for a majority of Asian-American population in the city, although the native people Tongva inhabited the area, now known as Alhambra before the Spanish came.

What once was known as the 6th most boring city in California is now home to a flourishing community rich with history, different cultures, and of course food. Tourists will feel like they’d travelled to another country without paying for the airfare thanks to Alhambra City’s multicultural diversity that is reflected in the city’s food offerings.



Arcadia belongs to the cities of San Gabriel Valley of Southern California. The city is an upper-middle class community with the current population of around 60,000. Arcadia is home to the Santa Anita Park racetrack and the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden.

In the past, Arcadia was part of the homeland of the Native American tribe called the Gabrielino. Arcadia became a city in 1903 and was the center for entertainment, sporting, and hospitality then. The city got its name from Arcadia, Greece.

Arcadia is now known for the community of homes with its beautiful neighborhoods with warm characters. The city focuses on preserving its green environment and has been named as a Tree City in the US for several years now.

Boasting its well-established traditions and high-standards, Arcadia remains to be on top when it comes to economic growth. The Upper Rancho neighborhood of the city is one of the richest neighborhoods in Southern California.

Arcadia lives by its motto: Community of Homes and continues to maintain a balance of quality economic development that combines harmoniously with its residential nature which is why Arcadia is one of the best places to raise kids.

Monterey Park

Monterey Park

Historically, the original inhabitants of Monterey Park were Shoshone Indians which were later called Gabrielino Indians by the Spaniards. The city got its name from an old government map that shows the oak-covered hills of the area as Monterey Hills.

Monterey Park has a rich history and currently, the city has a motto which is: Pride in the past, Faith in the future. According to the latest statistics, Monterey Park has a population of 61,153 with a growing Asian American population which consists of 67.3% of the total population.The city has the largest concentration of Chinese Americans compared to any municipality in the US.

Currently, the business district near the intersection of Garfield Avenue and Garvey Avenue is called Downtown Monterey Park; here several restaurants serving mainland Chinese food, fusion cafes, and a variety of cuisines can be found.
Among the most visited tourist spots in Monterey Park are the Historical Museum, Jardin El Encanto also known as El Encanto, and Cascades waterfall or the Heritage Falls Park.

San Marino

San Marino

A city designed to be uniquely residential, San Marino has expansive properties for its residents that are surrounded by luscious gardens, well-maintained parkways, and wide streets. This affluent city is nestled in the San Gabriel Valley and surrounded by South Pasadena to the west, East Pasadena and East San Gabriel to the east, Alhambra and San Gabriel to the south, Pasadena and San Pasqual to the north.

The city has been recently ranked as 78th of “America’s 100 Richest Places” by Bloomberg. Meanwhile, in 2014, Forbes magazine ranked this city as the 48th most expensive city to live in the United States.

The Huntington Library in San Marino City houses around 6.5 million manuscripts, and famous paintings like The Blue Boy by Thomas Gainsborough and Pinkie by Thomas Lawrence can be viewed in the city’s art collections. Not only that. Stunning and soothing botanical gardens are also found in the city. There is certainly something for every tourist that takes a walk around one of the most expensive places to live in the United States.

South Pasadena

South Pasadena

A city that is filled with history and has so much to offer, from mom and pop restaurants to a number of activities for both tourists and locals. South Pasadena is indeed a gorgeous place snuggled between Highland Park, San Marino, Alhambra, and Pasadena.

With a population of 25,619 according to the 2000 US Census, its demography is roughly composed of 50% Caucasians, 26% Asians which are mostly Koreans and Chinese, and 16% Latino which are mostly Mexicans. The city has been voted as Tree City for a number of years successively, thanks to the old big trees lining most of the residential streets, bringing a very cozy feeling as people pass by.

South Pasadena is also one of the best places for nature lovers. They can take a hike to Pasadena nature park, which is one of the most easy-going and accessible trails. Then, there’s Brookside Park that is south of Arroyo Seco’s Rose Bowl. This 62-acre park is set against the astonishing San Gabriel Mountains and provides tourists and locals alike a scenic green space.

Although South Pasadena will never be as bustling as Hollywood, it’s that laid back, relaxing ambiance that makes the city located at the edge of San Gabriel Valley so enjoyable.

Temple City

Temple City

Temple City is part of the cities that comprise San Gabriel Valley of Southern California. The city consists of a diverse and multicultural community that focuses on family values and active civic engagement. The current population in Temple City is around 35,600.

The town of Temple originated on May 30, 1923, when Walter P. Temple purchased 400 acres of land that used to be a part of Lucky Baldwin’s Rancho Santa Anita. Temple envisioned a community where people can afford to have a home of their own. The extension of the Pacific Electric Railway in the city contributed to its steady growth.

Temple City is known for its annual Camellia Festival which happens on the last weekend of February. The festival aims to encourage the youth in the community to be a part of one of the recognized youth organizations and to participate in the activities in their community. Only members of recognized organizations can exclusively enter the Camellia Festival Parade.

Another event being celebrated in the city every year is the Saint Luke’s Parish Fiesta. The three-day celebration happens in April at the St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church where approximately 10,000 people enjoy games, fun rides, and good food.

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