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Whether you’re a first-time parent or a seasoned veteran, My Asian Nanny is dedicated to helping you find the perfect nanny for your household. We understand that every family is unique, and that’s why we take great pride to carefully listen to and understand your situation.

We match qualified Asian nannies with families to guarantee the best quality in-home childcare available.

Our Asian nannies are hand selected to meet your needs. Because we are a small independent Chinese nanny agency, we can be personally involved.

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Find out more regarding the different type of nannies that we have available for hire

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Efficient and thorough Asian housekeepers, available for part-time or full-time work

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Caregivers & Elderly Care

Helping you find the perfect caregiver for your loved ones starts here

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Newborn Care Specialists

Our experienced Sit Month (postpartum care) Nannies will take exceptional care of your newborn and provide traditional Chinese meals to help you recover

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Finding the right nanny for your home

At our agency, we make it our top priority to screen and refer only the best and most qualified candidates who are able to provide exceptional childcare.  Our domestic care aids are in the business of making sure your household runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We keep an extensive and diverse roster of nannies who specialize in the care of children from all age groups, including the care of newborns during the traditional Chinese observed sit-month periods of rest.

Our caretakers are also frequently conversant in more than one language, giving your child an early headstart in being exposed to the Chinese language by a fluent Mandarin-speaking nanny. Most of our nannies are originally from China, Taiwan or Indonesia and may be able to speak English, in addition to their primary language. Our agency works under the philosophy that the ideal nanny serves as a guide to your child’s development and is able to provide the highest level of care that enriches his or her crucial early years.

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My Asian Nanny stands out from the rest because we too are parents. We understand that your child’s early experiences can shape his or her entire future outlook on life, and by selecting the ideal nanny is not a task that we take lightly. Each of our referred nannies is required to go through a unique and strict screening process to ensure that she can be properly matched with your families specific needs. This process will allow us to properly identify the best candidates based on experience, skill sets, and the ability to build rapport with your child.

Finding the right Asian caregiver for your unique household situation can be a challenge. Not too long ago, if you were in the market looking for Mandarin-speaking Chinese nannies, you would be hard-pressed to find one that was already vetted and pre-screened, let alone know where to reach out to, to find someone trustworthy and responsible.

At My Asian Nanny, we believe that to entrust the care of your loved ones should not be left up to chance. That all facets of childcare should be identified, discussed, and agreed upon prior to any real offerings of employment.

Let our experienced consultants do the work for you, so you don’t have to. Bringing with them years of experience, they provide the human touch necessary to further screen them at a personal level. Interviews will be conducted both over the phone and in person. With our thorough and selective hiring process, we’re able to pick the most loving and caring domestic care aids for your home.

For more information regarding how we pre-screen and refer candidates, please see our nanny hiring process.

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