What Clients Say

“My Asian Nanny is the right choice to meet my needs. The choice is not only for the clients but also for the nanny who provides the care. The service of agency provides the right click to make the connection.

I am a single parent with two kids. I have hired three nannies through My Asian Nanny Inc in the different phases of our family. Each nanny provided the decent work ethic for the service meeting my family needs. One of the benefits is to perform the tasks which they promised. In other words, the agent cares about the quality of service being provided.

I will continue to use the service to fill my family needs.”


Torrance, CA

Being an “ABC” – American Born Chinese, finding Asian nannies by oneself was extremely difficult as I hardly spoke any Chinese myself. Not only did Stephanie help us find an English speaking Asian nanny, but one that drove too! She was exactly what we needed. Thank you so much!

Sab C

Pasadena, CA

Hiring a right nanny for my loved children was a challenging task. I started with newspaper, online research; telephoning and interviewing candidates , but yet not able to find a nanny that I can rely on. Then, Stephanie was referred to me by one of my friends. Stephanie immediately made this task a lot easier, by referring experienced, qualified nannies. She screened and helped interview and selection of the right nanny for me. I was extremely satisfied with the nanny that she referred to our family.

Qiaoli M

Diamond Bar, CA

Stephanie really stepped up to the plate in finding a nanny for our family. After I gave birth, I had postpartum anxiety and my husband knew that I would need more help than the one nanny Stephanie had already found us, for at least a few weeks. My husband called Stephanie and she found us a night nanny within a day. And our current nanny is amazingly wonderful – she cooks (delicious Indonesian food!), cleans and helps take wonderful care of our newborn son. My husband and I definitely recommend MyAsianNanny and Stephanie!

Olivia T

Walnut, CA

Excellent service. We are parents of 16 month old twins who both work outside the home. When our nanny who had been caring for them since they were 3 months old had to leave, we were in a frantic search for a live-in nanny. Before she left out nanny referred us to “my Asian nanny” and we were able to secure the services of an excellent and caring nanny within a week.

David L

Santa Monica, CA

I have worked with Stephanie in more than one occasion. Her service has always been quick and the candidates she referred to me are usually pretty high quality. From when I submitted the retainer fee to the actual interview was only less than a week. They don’t pressure you into anyone you don’t feel comfortable with. They care about their customers and will make sure that their customers are happy and satisfied with their placements. With the high workload that they have, it is impossible not to make mistake at some point, but every time they make it right for me. I have recommended this place to a few of my friends and so far it has worked out well for them as well.

Chi S

Walnut, CA

I was referred to Stephanie through a friend and I contacted her when I was looking for a sit month nanny. She helped set up an interview with 3 of them and out of all 3 we felt one of them would suit my needs the best. It turned out great and I enjoyed my sit month nanny. She was very kind, took her job seriously and truly cared about the baby. After my sit nanny I was in a rush to have Stephanie find me a new nanny and within a few days she did just that. She found me someone who I can communicate with and is a very straight froward person. Overall Stephanie is able o match your wants/needs to the nanny whom she feels would best suit your family.

Crystal C

Arcadia, CA

Definitely a good service to take up if you’re very limited with time and running out of references for possible Nannies. We saved a lot of time finding the right Nanny because Stephanie was very quick to learn of our needs before setting up an appointment for us to meet and interview candidates. Most of the candidates are local to the area. The quality of candidates had wide range – we felt that some were better for older kids and others were good for our newborn. The best ones get hired quickly. We didn’t hire anyone in our first round of interviews, but Stephanie stayed with us and continued to give us more candidates. Overall we are satisfied and definitely recommend to my friends.

Also, there is a 45 day window to change nannies if you aren’t happy, which is helpful.

Luxi J

Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA

My Asian Nanny offers a great service. I am able to select the type of care or service I need. They then match me up with dozens of potential candidates within days. I’ve gone there for interviews and they have provided me with 8 candidates to interview consecutively, which is great because you can really get a sense in which ones stand out. The best part is that they recognize the difficulty in selecting the perfect candidate just through interviews. They offer an opportunity to switch caregivers if things do not work out. I have very high standards for the care of my child and they have been patient with us all along the way to help us select the best match. I highly recommend their services.

Melissa L

Los Angeles, CA

I have used this service to find a nanny to help me care for my children. (3 rambunctious boys!). We loved our nannies and appreciate the work Stephanie put in to help us find the perfect fit. I am thankful a service like this exists and they were able to assist even though I live just outside of the area. Will plan on using and referring to others in the future.

Veronica S

Salinas, CA

Stephanie is great! She’s a mom herself and truly understands the important of finding good care for your babies / children. She works very efficiently and gives really great and sound advice. I initially called her wanting to replace my nanny but she helped me think through ways to make my current situation work and didn’t push me to sign up with her and use her service. I took her advice and made my current situation work until I had a second child and needed help. She quickly found 4-5 suitable nanny candidates and we hired one. She made sure to find nannies that matched our needs. In general, she’s one of those few people that truly “gets it” and is really looking out for her clients vs trying to make a quick transaction. After I hired a nanny through her, she followed up several times to make sure I was happy with the nanny. I’ve recommended her to my friends and will absolutely turn to Stephanie again if we ever need to find a new nanny. She’s really smart, sharp and has integrity – pretty rare find in her line of work!

Jenny H

Santa Monica, CA

When our family needed to have someone help take care of our kids Stephanie came to our rescue! She’s able to communicate in English or Chinese and she’s responsive to texts and phone calls and has always called me back. She has helped us over the years and really listens to what our requirements, wants and needs are. Even when the first nanny we had didn’t work out, she took initiative to follow up and help us find a more suitable nanny for our family. I really appreciated that! The search for a nanny can be a difficult one but she made sure we had options. She will even give her opinion if you ask!

Jessica F

Pasadena, CA

I’ve had really good luck with this agency! Stephanie, my agent, is awesome. She really goes above and beyond to make sure you’re happy and getting what you need from your nanny. Living in Irvine/Orange County, there is a high demand for live-in nannies and good help is always hard to find! You will find that most nannies are from mainland China, but there are also ladies from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indonesia. Some can communicate a bit in English and have experience with non Chinese-speaking families.

We used this agency in preparation for our 3rd baby….Stephanie helped us find our zuo yuezi nanny as well as another live-in nanny to take over after the first month. We have been very happy. Stephanie is always a phone call (or text!) away, is very easy to contact and has reassured us that she will work hard to find a replacement if we are unhappy. Thankfully that hasn’t been the case so far! But it’s good to know Stephanie is used to working with typical/demanding OC mommies!

The agency pre-screens candidates and ensures they have a current health assessment (physical exam) and vaccinations. If certain items need updating, I have found CVS/Minute Clinic to be a great resource (i.e. your nanny needs a TDAP, ect).

Even though the office is in Monterey Park, you can video chat with prospective candidates using WeChat or WhatsApp. This has been especially helpful for us since my husband is super busy with work! And it has saved us the drive out to LA!

I would highly recommend this agency to help you find a great, reliable nanny for your family!

Blythe H

Irvine, CA

We had a good experience using the service to find a full time nanny for our 15 month son. Stephanie was very helpful in finding many candidates for us to interview and review. We had some issues with our first nanny early on when our son was younger but Stephanie worked with us to find a solution. She honored her word to us almost a year later and helped us out tremendously.

Wilson L

Pasadena, CA

I worked with Stephanie to find a new birth Nanny. I agree that it’s hard to judge the nannies here but Stephanie was great to work with. Follow up about everything and always available to answer questions and resolve conflicts.

Louie G

Irvine, CA

I was just finalizing up on my divorce and with the new arrangements, I couldn’t take care of my newborn and go to work at the same time. Thanks to Stephanie, she was able to find me a live-in nanny which took care of the infant 24/7 and still managed to cook dinner for everyone in the household. Thank you so much, Stephanie!

John L

Anaheim, CA

I have used My Asian Nanny for two nannies. I think it’s quite unfair to judge the nannies here but I’d like to give a positive review for Stephanie.

Unlike other agencies, Stephanie really screens the candidates and checks their backgrounds. She spends time getting to know them before she introduces them to her clients. After several bad experiences with previous nannies, Stephanie gave us advice and guidelines on how to select the best ones for our families. I highly suggest My Asian Nanny to any family that is looking for caregivers.

Eurico I

Arcadia, CA

My husband and I have gone through 3 different nannies within a month’s time and had nearly given up all hope until we got an opportunity to connect w/ Stephanie from My Asian Nanny. She explained to us why things didn’t work out with the previous nannies and what to look out for when hiring future ones. As of today, we have hired a total of one Nanny and one Housekeeper from her and couldn’t be more happy with her service!

Lisa H

Claremont, CA

Ive been with the agency for awhile and they are great at finding someone to fit your need. Stephanie is great to work with and very friendly. The best nanny/household care agency better than care.com or other nanny services especially for Chinese speakers. It is much easier to find a Chinese or other Asian language speaker with her than other agencies or forums. Her agency wont let you down.

Linda W

Rowland Heights, CA

My friend referred Stephanie as highly recommended. I would have to say the same – she is attentive to your needs and will match you up with a suitable nanny! Her line of business is quite hectic but she will keep sending candidates and also follow up with you see how things worked out. At one point I had an emergency, Stephanie brought a nanny to my house within 8 hours. LIFE SAVER!!! The nanny that came was the best nanny we ever had. Searching for a nanny I extremely difficult as each family and baby has different needs but Stephanie has the patience and perseverance to keep working hard for you. She definitely stretches each dollar for the long mile and I feel completely satisfied with the fee I paid matched up to the service. I tried other nanny service and they just take your money send you a candidate and never follow up. As a young mom as is Stephanie, she can understand the difficulties and also relate to what you are looking for. You know how they say, just pay to solve the problem – that’s My Asian Nanny. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!!!

M. C

Rowland Heights, CA

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