Salaries and Rates

Salaries-Rates Salaries and Rates

* Denotes that a tip of 10-20% is usually expected by the Sit Month Nanny and is separate from their salary.

Please also note that the rates above does not include the Agencies referral fee’s.

Part Time Help:
– $100 to $150 referral fee + the initial $50 retainer search fee – for hourly cooks and housekeepers, etc

Full-Time Help:

– If the nanny salary is under $3000 per month, then our remaining referral fee will be $250 + the initial $50 retainer search fee.

– If the nanny salary is above $3000 per month, then we charge
$12% of the first month’s salary (a one time fee) + the initial $50 retainer search fee.

Once you decide to hire someone through us, the remaining referral fee balance as stated above are due in full prior to the candidates first day of work.  These referral fees are also non-refundable.

For more information, please see our service fee’s page