Our Process

1. Fill out a Family application form:
– Once we have received your Family application form and retainer fee, our team of nanny recruitment specialists will review your application and provide a follow-up call within 3 days to go over your needs in more detail.

2. We learn about your needs:
– We take great pride in learning about your household dynamics and what it is that you are truly seeking in an employee. We will assist you in making the right decisions every step of the way and offer consultation whenever needed.

3. We connect you with qualified candidates:
– Once we have a clear understanding of your needs, we will reach out to qualified nanny candidates meeting your pre-requisites and discuss with them (on your behalf) what it is that you are seeking assistance with.

4. Pre-screened phone and In-person Interviews:
– For those nanny candidates that meet your requirements, we will arrange either voice or video chat phone interviews with each one to further narrow down your selection.  Then, when you are happy with your selection(s), we will schedule future in-person interviews with all parties involved here at our Monterey Park office.

5. Finalize all paperwork and agree on a start date:
– Once you are happy with your nanny selection, we will finalize all paperwork and agree on a start date.

6. Our 30 day nanny replacement guarantee:
– In the event that the nanny is no longer able to remain employed with you (for whatever reason) and falls within the first 30 days, from the day the nanny first started work, My Asian Nanny Inc. will search for and find a replacement nanny at no additional cost to you.

Why Families choose My Asian Nanny

We’re considered one of the best Los Angeles nanny agency because we understand that many different factors go into giving your child the best possible start in life. If you want your child’s formative years to include an understanding of his or her Chinese heritage, a highly qualified Chinese nanny can help to create this connection. We’re also one of the most flexible and versatile agencies specializing in offering top quality housekeeping and housekeeper referral services within Los Angeles. Whether you’re looking for a full-time live-in nanny in Arcadia, CA or an occasional weekend or multi weekday housekeeper and/or cook, we will match you with qualified candidates whose schedule fits with your family’s.

We learn about you

One of the most important steps required in finding the right nanny is for us to first understand your situation. Perhaps you have pets and need a caregiver who is ok w/ being around them. Perhaps you require a Nanny to help cook a meal for the whole family every evening or take care of your laundry while you attend to more pressing matters. Whatever your needs are, we are here to cater to them and help you find what you’re looking for.

How we find the right nannies for you

We believe that inviting someone new into your home is a very big decision – One which doesn’t have to be made alone. We will walk you through the entire hiring process and provide insightful advice and informative material for you to make the right decision at the end. Every one of our nanny candidates seeking work is required to undergo a detailed in-person/phone interview to ensure a good fit with the families seeking this sort of childcare arrangement.

We schedule interviews

Once potential candidate(s) has been identified, we will provide you with regular status updates leading up to our formal in-person interview at our office. Our Services (at no additional cost) also includes providing you w/ a picture of the nanny (when possible), along w/ some basic information such as Age, Nationality, Experience, Salary accommodation requests, and etc.

We walk you through the entire hiring process

We understand that making the decision to hire someone new into your home is not an easy one. We will help guide you through every step along the way so that you may feel at ease in knowing that you made the best decision possible

We provide on-going support

We really do care about you and your loved ones. Our expert screening process combined w/ our attention to detail makes us the ideal choice for all your childcare referral needs. Even after we have concluded working together.  From your nannies first day to their last, if you need us, we’ll be there to help.