Asian Nannies

Asian Nannies

No matter, whether you’re looking for a Mandarin, Cantonese, Indonesian or Taiwanese Nanny

Mandarin-Chinese-Nanny-300x240 Asian Nannies
Mandarin-Chinese-Nanny-300x240 Asian Nannies
Mandarin-Chinese-Nanny-300x240 Asian Nannies
Mandarin-Chinese-Nanny-300x240 Asian Nannies

– What is the typical age range of the nannies?

Most of the nannies available for hire are usually above the age of 40, with the majority between 45-65

– What can one expect of the nanny? Below are some of the help you can expect when having a nanny in your home

+ sleeping in the same room as the baby, to provide 24/7 supervision and care
+ changing of diapers
+ feeding/meal prep
+ burping
+ cradling / rocking
+ laundry / folding
+ bathing
+ preparing 1-2 meals a day for the family/child (your responsibility to provide all ingredients & produce)
+ some light cleaning (when time permits)

Languages Spoken:
– What languages do the nannies typically speak?

Most of our nannies are able to speak either Mandarin or Cantonese Chinese. We also have Indonesian nannies who can speak both English and Mandarin

Cooking styles:
– What sort of cuisines can the nanny cook?

Depending on where the nanny is from, they will be able to offer either Northern style or Southern-style Chinese cooking.

Northern style Chinese cuisines will typically consist of dumplings, noodles and other starchy dishes that are ideal for the cold, harsh, and dry weather of northern China. These type of dishes will typically have strong bold flavors, with popular seasonings that include the use of soy sauce, ginger, garlic, scallions, vinegar, leeks, star of anise, sweet and chili bean sauces. Most of the northern Chinese nannies are from either Beijing, Shandong, Shanxi, and Dongbei

Southern-style Chinese cuisines include dishes such as sticky or glutinous rice, pickled dishes, steamed fish, and wild vegetables. Hot pots and frying in oil is the preferred method of cooking when it comes to this style of food. Whereas wheat flour would be the staple ingredient for Northern Style Chinese cuisines, Southern-style Chinese cuisine typically consists of rice as the staple ingredient. They are also famous for their spiciness and using less salt and sugar in their dishes.  Some examples of Southern-style Chinese dishes include Guangdong soup, Hunan and Sichuan Cuisine, utilizing a wide variety of ingredients.


Mandarin-Chinese-Nanny-300x240 Asian NanniesMandarin-Chinese-Nanny-300x240 Asian Nannies

– How will the nannies get to my home?

Some nannies are able to drive. Please let us know in advance if this is a requirement as it does require additional search time and command a higher premium in monthly salary. If you are ok with the nanny not driving, then please make sure to arrange some form of transportation to and from your home and the nannies residence. You may either pick them up yourself, uber/lyft/shuttle them, or arrange other methods of transportation on their behalf.

– Are the nannies immunized? if not, are they willing to?

All of the nannies we refer are required to be up to date on their immunizations. If they are not able to furnish medical records, you have the option to request that they do so before offering employment. The medical costs of such immunizations and/or booster shots, however, is to be covered by the client.

These nannies are available for work either as a “live in” or “live out” and can work either 5 or 6 days per week. Part-time help is also available

Mandarin-Chinese-Nanny-300x240 Asian Nannies