Chinese Postpartum Nanny

Hire a Chinese Confinement Nanny for your Yuesao (Sitting the Month) | 月嫂

Zuo Yue Zi is the Traditional Chinese Postpartum Confinement Practice of “Sitting the month.”  This practice of postpartum care (Yuesao) is designed specifically for new mothers to rest, recuperate and recover from the birth of their baby.

Post-pregnancy care can incorporate the outward, interior, and profound treatment that assists another mother with taking legitimate consideration of herself and her child as she adjusts physically and inwardly. Outside care might include tending to changes in body shape, supporting breastfeeding, and focusing on any entry points or scarring. Interior consideration centers around issues like weakness, squeezing, stoppage, and body pain. Mental health concentrates on aids in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and other feelings that may develop as a result of the profound hormonal changes that take place after pregnancy. A higher success rate of breastfeeding and a lower risk of depression are both benefits of postpartum care.

Postpartum medical consultations will also emphasize healthy lifestyle decisions, including food, adequate cleanliness, and getting enough rest to help prevent diseases and infections. Regular monitoring makes it easier to spot the signs of sleep deprivation that might harm one’s physical and mental well- being. Lack of sleep can hinder a mother’s attempts to become accustomed to her new baby. Stress is lessened and the body is able to heal more quickly when one is relaxed. Your brain develops and heals while you’re asleep, which enables your body to balance hormone levels.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the new mother’s body is extremely frail and susceptible because of the substantial blood loss that occurs during and after childbirth. QI (energy) is necessary for both physical and spiritual life. During pregnancy and labor, women also lose a lot of Qi. Many imbalances in the body may result from this disruption in the Qi flow. Tiredness and lethargy are caused by a lack of Qi and blood, which makes the immune system extremely vulnerable to illness. If Qi and blood are not recovered, it could result in numerous major issues that could appear right away or years from now.

As childbirth drains the mother’s blood and Qi, I believe that the 30-day postpartum period is critical for the mother’s recovery. Chinese traditional postpartum for 30 days is like building a new lady. It will not only help you replenish the blood and Qi you lost, but it will also offer you greater power and endurance for the future. An old Taiwanese proverb goes, “Take care of the baby during pregnancy; take care of postpartum after giving birth,” Every lady in Taiwan and China is aware that it is important to Zuo Yue Zi. Doing Zuo Yue Zi right will help you recover from childbirth, produce more breast milk, and revitalize your body.

The night nurse takes care of many things including:

✅️ 24/7 Childcare for up to 90 days so you can only focus on your healing process.
✅️ help you with your baby’s needs, such as feeding, washing, and changing diapers.
✅️ Prepare nutritious and balanced meals to keep you hydrated and produce more milk for the baby.
✅️ Provide Traditional support for your whole family to make postpartum a less stressful event.
✅️ Provide you Assistance with treating specific newborn health conditions so you won’t have to call for help each time when your baby is unwell.

Benefits of Our Postpartum Nannies

Our postpartum nannies are skilled in the art of making you feel comfortable with your new family dynamic; with their constant help and guidance, you will be able to relax while your baby gets all the attention and care they need. Many nannies have experience with typical newborn baby issues such as eczema, colic, jaundice, bloating, constipation, circumcision, and shaping the baby’s head.

They can provide proper guidance on how to proceed in any situation with ease. A simple night nurse primarily cares for the infant and their needs but a postpartum nanny or Yue Sao offers traditional care for the entire family during the postpartum transition. They work to ensure that all members of the family are adjusting well and that their needs, whether physical, mental, or emotional, are being met. This emotional support is crucial for new mothers and fathers to adjust to their new roles and especially to help the mother recover from the experience of giving birth.

Furthermore, if you opt for a postpartum nanny with a meal plan, your entire postpartum experience will be blissful. Mothers require healthy and balanced diets to bounce back from giving birth; it will also help the mother produce more breast milk. Furthermore, with unnecessary worries of cooking gone, mothers can focus solely on healing and bonding with their babies.