Service Fee's

  • Explaination of Fee's

    In order for us to properly service your needs, there are certain things which require time and effort on our end.  A few of these things includes:

    – Placing your Job ad / Description in our extensive Nanny outreach network
    – Pre-screening each and every candidate that inquires about your ad 
    – Setting up phone and in-person appointments on your behalf to interview qualified candidates
    – Acting as a liaison between you and the Nanny Candidates
    – Salary negotiation, post-hire follow-ups, communication assistance
    – Streamlining the entire hiring process so that no time is wasted

    All of which, can take countless hours/days with no guarantee that you would be able to find a suitable caretaker for your Family.

    Our Job here; is to ensure that you get the very best candidates to interview and choose from and in order to provide that level of service, we would first need to secure a $50 retainer fee (or $125 for a copy of the background check) prior to starting this search on your behalf.  You will be redirected to paypal to make this payment once you submit your Family application & Contract form

    This retainer fee amount is also applied towards the overall referral fee balance due once you decide to hire someone.

    The overall referral fee balance due is typically $250 (minus the $50 retainer fee, which you initially pay) = $200, which is due in full and must be paid Prior to the Nanny’s first day of work

    If the Nannys first months salary is greater than $2500 however, then we will charge 10% of that amount instead.

    Should you have any questions regarding our service or fee’s, please don’t hesitate to let us know

    Thank you