Pros for Hiring a postpartum Nanny (with meal)

Parent to have a peaceful and restful nights

Easier transition into being a parent.

Balance nutritious meals 3 meals and two desserts to help mom recover and produce more breast milk.

Help mom body back in shape with low sodium/sugar meals

Guidance with baby care and breast milk production

Full day attention to the babies

Assist mom recover better from giving birth emotionally and physically. Provide past knowledge of postpartum care and emotional support for the parents.

Experienced with eczema, colic, jaundice, bloating, constipation, circumcise and so on

Some could assist with sleeping schedule for the baby and help with everything baby related

Assist with massage baby and mom if needed

Pros for Hiring a postpartum Nanny (without meal)

Parents have restful nights

Guidance with baby care

Whole day attention to the baby

Experience with new born problems such as eczema, colic, jaundice, bloating, constipation, circumcise and so on

Assist with baby sleeping schedule

Shaping the baby’s head

Mom will have more time for herself to recover from giving birth

Help mom and dad transition into being parents.

Provide emotional support for the parents

Being an “ABC” – American Born Chinese, finding Asian nannies by oneself was extremely difficult as I hardly spoke any Chinese myself. Not only did Stephanie help us find an English speaking Asian nanny, but one that drove too! She was exactly what we needed. Thank you so much!

Sab C

Pasadena, CA

Excellent service. We are parents of 16 month old twins who both work outside the home. When our nanny who had been caring for them since they were 3 months old had to leave, we were in a frantic search for a live-in nanny. Before she left out nanny referred us to “my Asian nanny” and we were able to secure the services of an excellent and caring nanny within a week.

David L

Santa Monica, CA

I have used this service to find a nanny to help me care for my children. (3 rambunctious boys!). We loved our nannies and appreciate the work Stephanie put in to help us find the perfect fit. I am thankful a service like this exists and they were able to assist even though I live just outside of the area. Will plan on using and referring to others in the future.

Veronica S

Salinas, CA

We had a good experience using the service to find a full time nanny for our 15 month son. Stephanie was very helpful in finding many candidates for us to interview and review. We had some issues with our first nanny early on when our son was younger but Stephanie worked with us to find a solution. She honored her word to us almost a year later and helped us out tremendously.

Wilson L

Pasadena, CA

I worked with Stephanie to find a new birth Nanny. I agree that it’s hard to judge the nannies here but Stephanie was great to work with. Follow up about everything and always available to answer questions and resolve conflicts.

Louie G

Irvine, CA

I was just finalizing up on my divorce and with the new arrangements, I couldn’t take care of my newborn and go to work at the same time. Thanks to Stephanie, she was able to find me a live-in nanny which took care of the infant 24/7 and still managed to cook dinner for everyone in the household. Thank you so much, Stephanie!

John L

Anaheim, CA

My husband and I have gone through 3 different nannies within a month’s time and had nearly given up all hope until we got an opportunity to connect w/ Stephanie from My Asian Nanny. She explained to us why things didn’t work out with the previous nannies and what to look out for when hiring future ones. As of today, we have hired a total of one Nanny and one Housekeeper from her and couldn’t be more happy with her service!

Lisa H

Claremont, CA

Ive been with the agency for awhile and they are great at finding someone to fit your need. Stephanie is great to work with and very friendly. The best nanny/household care agency better than or other nanny services especially for Chinese speakers. It is much easier to find a Chinese or other Asian language speaker with her than other agencies or forums. Her agency wont let you down.

Linda W

Rowland Heights, CA

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