Frequently Asked Questions – Nanny Hires

How much does it cost to hire a Nanny?

Please see the rates page for today’s current market rates for hiring a nanny.
Please note that these rates are set by the Market and not by our agency.  Although there may be some wiggle room for negotiation (depending on the circumstances), these are the typical rates that one can expect when looking to hire an Asian nanny/caregiver.  Additionally, the rates for nannies and caregivers are based on only one child or elderly. Pricing will be different when there is more than one child or elderly.

What does the Nanny do / What can I expect from her?

As a Live in Nanny, they are responsible for taking care of every aspect of the baby’s/child’s well being 24/7. Therefore, they are required to follow the baby’s schedule and be at their disposal anytime they need something. Things such as feeding the baby, bathing the baby, doing their laundry, preparing and making baby food for them. Basically, everything and anything baby related which requires adult supervision. When the Nanny is not busy w/ the baby, she can also be asked to do some light house cleaning (general tidying of the house) and to cook 1 meal a day (usually dinner)

Is the Nanny able to cook a meal for the whole Family?

Yes, they can help to cook a simple meal for the whole Family, but while she’s cooking, there must be someone else available to look after the baby or the baby needs to be placed in a safe area prior to the start of the preparations.

Do we need to provide food and other accomodations for the nanny?

Yes, please ensure that the live-in Nanny has a private area for herself and the baby.  It can be in the same room if there is enough space.  Alternatively, you may set up an area in the house that is close to the baby but still private for her.  She will need a bed, toiletry items, and some groceries so that she can cook meals for herself (Meat, Vegetables, and Fruits).

Are your nannies CPR certified?

It mainly depends on the nanny candidates that we have available at the time.  Most Chinese Nannies are not CPR-certified. But are open to learning it.   If you wish to train her, then you will need to find a Chinese-speaking CPR class for her & sponsor her to go.

Does your nannies have references?

It depends on the nanny that you ultimately choose.  If we have worked with them in the past, then Yes, we will provide you with references.  But if we have never worked with them before, then we will help you ask

Does the nannies have insurance?

Yes, most of our candidates have their own health insurance.

Are the nannies Covid Vaccinated?

Yes, at least 2 shots.  Some of them got the booster or the fourth shots as well.

What Nationalities specifically are these Asian Nannies?

My Asian Nanny focuses primarily on Nannies that are of either Indonesian, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) or Taiwanese descent.

Do the nannies drive? How do they get to and from work?

The majority of Live-in nannies don’t drive. Therefore it is your responsibility to make sure that they have a means of transportation to and from your place of employment. Your options include picking them up / driving them back yourself.  Sending for an uber or Lyft on their behalf or some other pre-arranged form of transportation.

For Live-out Nannies, they will have their own mode of transportation

How do you screen / find your domestic helpers?

My Asian Nanny has been in the business of domestic household placements for 10+ yrs.  Throughout this time, we have accumulated a large database of our own pool of domestic care helpers.  Once we receive your application, we review, screen, and match providers based on their experiences, backgrounds, location, and the original requirements that you specified when signing up.

What languages does the Nannies speak?

Depends mostly on their Nationality, but typically:
Indonesian Nannies can speak either one or more of the following: English, Mandarin, Indonesian and some may even speak Cantonese.
Chinese Nannies can speak either one or more of the following: Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese and/or Taiwanese Chinese. A few may speak English or very basic English.

What services does My Asian Nanny provide?

MyAsianNanny.com (DBA My Asian Nanny Inc) provides in-home domestic care referral service whereas we first pre-screen all nannies in person and get a copy of their ID cards (ie: drivers license, Passport or other).  They must also fill out a “Nanny Application” form and be subject to reference calls. We only accept and refer the best out of the pool as not all nannies meet the standards set by My Asian Nanny Inc.

I am in need of a Postpartum Nanny. How far in advance should I start my search?

For Postpartum nannies searches, you should start looking when you are about 14-16 weeks into your pregnancy.  Looking for a Postpartum nanny around this time will allow you to have more potential candidates to choose from.

How much do you charge for your referral service?

Please see our service fee’s page for more information on how we charge.