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If you arrived at this page, chances are you already know what a “sit month” Nanny is. If you don’t then the following article is a good source of info on what sit month is: Sit Month Nannies

At My Asian Nanny, we offer “zuo yue zi” a.k.a the traditional Chinese postpartum confinement referral service after childbirth. Our sit month 坐月子 nannies will make sure that your infant are cared for 24/7 while the mother rests up for a period of 26 days. All facets of child care will be taken care of by the sit month nanny and all meals for the mom will be prepared for on her behalf.

If this is something that you are interested in, please get in touch w/ us today as it does take some time to find and reserve a sit month nanny in advance

If you observe the traditional practice of “sitting the month” after the birth of a new baby, finding an experienced and available postpartum child care practitioner can be especially challenging. Our agency actively recruits for these type of specialists and refers only the most highly dedicated sit-month nannies who have experience caring for infants during this period of recovery time for the new mother. Our nannies hired for sit-month understand the dietary and activity guidelines for both mother and child during this recovery period and they’re able to take care of all household as well as childcare duties until the period of sit-month is up.

All meals are carefully thought out and prepared in a fashion that is designed to utilize the essence of the food to provide a nourishing and speedy recovery.

As for keeping up with the tradition of “zuo yue zi” one can decide how serious to take it. Some of these traditional “sitting the month” rules include:

– no drinking of anything cold
– no washing one’s hair for the entire length of “sitting the month”
– constant bed rest
– no water (replaced with soups, herbal remedies, juices)
– little or no sodium diet
– must always maintain a warm temperature
– no exercise
– no sex
– no going outside

If you are interested in this service, please get in touch with us today.

zuo-yue-zi-sitting-the-month Postpartum Child Care / zuo yue zi