Postpartum Child Care / zuò yuè zi

zuo-yue-zi-sitting-the-month Postpartum Child Care / zuò yuè zi

What is the Traditional Chinese Postpartum Confinement Practice of “Sitting the month” aka zuò yuè zi and it’s rules?

According to many Chinese medical practitioners, the months immediately following childbirth are one of the most crucial times for any new mother.  It is during this period of rest when the new mom’s body is the most fragile and susceptible to sickness.  It is believed that by following the cultural and traditional practice of “sitting the month”, new moms can avoid lifelong health issues such as arthritis, aches, and pains throughout the body, and even eyesight problems.  Often times, these ailments and health issues arise from overexertion, bad diets, and improper recovery protocols.  Below is a list of some Chinese confinement rules that new moms are expected to follow when practicing this age-old tradition.

– no use of or consumption of cold water
– no washing yourself or hair
– If you do wash, be sure that both your hair and body is thoroughly dry prior to exiting the bathroom.  Turn on heaters and close all windows.
– do not go outside (and wear long sleeves and sweats when possible)
– do not turn on the Air Conditioner
– do not eat anything cold
– wear socks and stay warm
– no intercourse
– no salt or spicy foods
– no working or household chores
– lots of bed rest

It is during this period of rest, where moms are instructed to stay away from anything cold (yin), so as to rebalance the body’s natural qi (yin/yang – cold/hot) to a state prior to that of childbirth.  This process is also accompanied and facilitated by the consumption of certain dietary meals in order to help rebalance one’s qi to provide a speedy and healthy recovery.

zuo-yue-zi-sitting-the-month Postpartum Child Care / zuò yuè zi zuo-yue-zi-sitting-the-month Postpartum Child Care / zuò yuè zi

At My Asian Nanny, you have the option of choosing 2 types of Postpartum nanny services from us:

1. Postpartum Sit month Nanny – Babycare only (no meals):

  • 24/7 childcare for 26 – 52 days straight
  • All baby related duties are taken care of: bottle washing, formula/milk prep, burping, rocking, putting to sleep, change diapers, clothes, wash baby, baby laundry and more.
  • On call once booked – they will be at your house the day you depart from the hospital.  Just call to inform them of your upcoming delivery and when you will be back home.
  • right after you give birth. Just call to let them know you are back home and backup will shortly be on its way
  • Learn from the best: rest assured that you will be in good hands with an experienced and knowledgeable postpartum nanny.  Ask questions and learn everything there is to learn about becoming new Parents!

 2. Postpartum Sit month Nanny with Meals:

  • Everything listed above plus 3 specially designed sit month meals + 2 desserts per day
  • For an additional cost, the postpartum nanny can also cook 1 meal for additional members of the household if needed.

If you are interested in this service, please fill out the application to get started on booking your own experienced postpartum nanny today.

For additional information and other great reads regarding this sit month practice, please see this personal blog and postpartum sit month journey by Amy Chang

zuo-yue-zi-sitting-the-month Postpartum Child Care / zuò yuè zi